Captain America: Grammar Nazi

Because being a regular Nazi wasn't bad enough already.

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Since 1941, Captain America fought against the forces of evil in defense of American ideals. Created by two Jewish creators, Hymie Simon (Joe Simon) and Jacob Kurtzberg (Jack Kirby), Captain America was fighting the Nazi menace even before America entered the war, and even as Kirby himself fought actual Nazis after being drafted in 1943. Except, fuck it, that whole time, Captain America has actually been a Nazi, as revealed in Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 when Captain America tosses Jack Flagg out of a plane and turns to the camera to say: Hail Hydra. Marvel says this change is for real, and they never lie.

But revealing himself to be a Hydra sleeper agent isn't even the worst secret Cap's been keeping. It turns out, in addition to secretly supporting the Nazi offshoot group he's fought against for 75 years, Captain America is also a total dick on the internet who pedantically attacks people's grammar instead of addressing their arguments. Captain America is a Grammar Nazi.

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